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Business Strategist

I will keep the company or entrepreneur laser-focused and cut through the clutter to accelerate growth. I can help identify missed opportunities and point out the unnoticed opportunities to make the most of your business outlook. And, I can advance your resources, skills and knowledge more quickly so your business can flourish. Cost customized by project.

Self-Development Coach

For a self-development coaching to help you, you have to feel ready to start making changes and be willing to put the effort into achieving your desired outcomes. To discover whether personal development coaching is for you, consider these questions: Do you wish you had better communication skills? Do you want to become more confident? Do you need a specific skill to advance further in business/life? We can work together to achieve your goals. $179 per hour

Meditation Teacher

Just you and me in my Beginning Meditation Session for ninety minutes to find the type of meditation that works for you. You’re worth it! During this time, you will learn a meditation practice that feels comfortable for you. It will soothe your anxious mind. $139 per session

Or, strengthen mindfulness skills that will help you take a deep breath, gain perspective, and re-establish your footing when the world seems to overwhelm you. $79 per hour


Essential oils are the ultimate in effective and luxurious natural self-care. In an hour session, you can learn to better care for your body and mind, or how to scent your home for improved wellness, learn and create personalized wellness rituals, or even learn to clean green. $59 per hour

Contact me about my make + take home events for a girls’ night out or fun wedding shower. Cost is customized to the event.