What I Do

I help people find creative and powerful methods to fulfill their goals. I believe life should be filled with meaningful experiences creating joy and satisfaction every day.
Business Strategist

Business moves quickly and when it does, you need to be ready. That’s why many companies and entrepreneurs turn to a business strategist. A business strategist provides an edge that helps you grow more quickly. I can think critically and determine the best course of action in order to help your business flourish and achieve success.

Self-Development Coach

As a Self-Development Coach, I focus on YOU. My style of coaching aims to evaluate and assess your current strengths and weaknesses in order to improve a certain aspect of life. I help you feel at ease and confident in your life. You deserve to be happy and proud of where you are; I will help you achieve that happiness and develop any skills you wish to improve.

Meditation Teacher

Whether you are new to meditation, or need to refresh your practice. I can help.
You can learn to embrace meditation your way. No rules, just show up. I have been meditating for 30 years and teaching meditation for the last decade. This is a tool for managing stress and maintaining balance – not a specific religious philosophy.


Aromatherapy is a holistic approach everyday living. As a professional Aromatherapist, I know how to use various pure, natural essential oils to promote physical and emotional well-being. Drawing on over twenty-five years in aromatherapy practice, I can show you how to make soul-satisfying essential oil practices and remedies as part of your everyday life.